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Despite all our advanced medical technology, humans have never been sicker.

This site explores this issue with advice for health at the end of the world. You'll find practical information for your mind and body in the midst of a dying civilization.

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About Dr. House
John House, MD, is a family physician licensed in the state of Arkansas. He grew up in the mid-section of the United States, has lived from coast to coast, and has traveled to multiple countries.

Dr. House received his bachelor's degree from Arkansas State Univerisity, his MD degree from UAMS at Little Rock, Arkansas, and did residency training at UAMS AHEC-NE, St. Bernard's Regional Medical Center, and NEA Baptist Hospital, all in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Dr. House is currently treating a wide range of medical conditions in all age groups from newborns to geriatrics at his clinic in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He also has a special emphasis treating HIV and transgendered patients.

When Dr. House isn't practicing medicine, he spends time on his small farm raising goats, tending to the chickens, and working in his garden. The farm produces goat's milk and cheese, daily fresh eggs, vegetables from the garden, fruits from the orchard, and wine from the vineyard. Everything he raises is completely organic, building up the soil using compost and goat manure. No pesticides or other chemicals are used - ever.

Using an uncomplicated philosopy of living as close to the earth as possible, Dr. House encourages his patients to live simply, reduce stress, raise as much of their own food as they're able, and avoid as many of the trappings of modern life as can be achieved.

Providing healthcare is integral to Dr. House's work, but he also spends time educating anyone who will listen about the malignancy of consumerism, capitalism, and industrial civilization. He is keenly aware that the current way of living is not sustainable. If one takes the time to look, there are signs everywhere of the imminent collapse of industrial civilization as well as abrupt climate change, resource depletion, mass extinction, and many other calamaties. Dr. House is committed to helping as many as possible understand what we are facing and doing everything possible to maintain good health in light of these challenges.
EHS and MCS recognized as genuine pathology.
The WHO is requesting that Electrohypersensitivity and multiple chemical sensitivity be recognized as "genuine pathological entities" and that they be given ICD codes (the official codes used by the medical community). - Read more

Teflon and More
There have been rumors and accusations about the dangers of Teflon for years. Now the trials are about to begin and the evidence supports those fears. This is a chemical nasty that is now in every part of our environment and will last long after we humans are gone. - Read more

Human domination of the biosphere: Rapid discharge of the Earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind
. . . "the paper gives ordinary people an elegant metaphor to understand the globe's stagnating economic and political systems and their close relatives: collapsing ecosystems. It also offers a blunt course of action: "drastic" energy conservation." - Read more

Stent or Drugs - The Data is Still Out
We stent people on a fairly regular basis during a cardiac cath procedure. Now some new research seems to indicate that drugs may be just as effective for some patients. Interesting . . .
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We Just Keep Getting Fatter
This is probably no surprise, but Americans continue to gain weight. The obesity epidemic is worsening.
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Personalized Medicine
Will your genes determine which medicine your doctor prescribes? Could be soon. More and more evidience seems to support the idea.
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Measles on the Upswing
Parents worried that immunizations cause autism seem to be leading to the increase in the number of measles cases. Very frustrating.
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